About Us

LiMo bearing is a leading supplier for linear products. We not only have our own experienced factories, but also connect hundreds of bearing factories locally, dedicated to providing products with better price and service. For years, LiMo's products have been helping replace hydraulic components, reduce pollution and noise, conserve energy.Independent QC management team can monitor and control every detail of products, and make it meet customers' requirements before the shipment.
Experienced trading sales provide 24-hours service, customers can talk with us at any time they'd like to.

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Founding time:2009
Ball screwlinear roller guideRound linear guideProfile linear guideLinear shaftLinear bearing
Company Address: No. 2, Wuan Road, Lishui, Zhejiang, China
Quality certificate:ISO9001 
Business type: Manufacturing and trading company 
Employees:100-150 employees 
Main market: Europe, North America, Asia and so on. 

Company history

2009, the factory established.

2010, started producing linear shafts.

2011, Several CNC machines came, started machining linear shaft according to the drawings.

2012, Linear bearing plant established.

2013, Linear guide plant established.

2014, Established LiMo Bearing, aimed to serve worldwide customers.

2015, Ball screw plant established.

2016, Selling linear products to ten countries, including United States, Canada, India, Turkey, Germany, French, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, Indonesia.

2017, Annual sales up to $5 million.

2018, Connected with hundreds of local bearings factories, established own supply network.

2019, Selling linear products to more than 40 countries.

2020, Annual sales up to $8 million.

2021, Opened online store in Alibaba.