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We are extending an invitation to become LiMo's global partners. We understand the importance of affordable yet reliable linear motion bearings in building DIY projects, which is why we are developed with utmost care to ensure both quality and affordability. Join us as global partners and contribute to spreading the happiness of DIY CNC to people worldwide.

How to get a discounted price?

1. Share your great ideas with us, such as how you use LiMo's products, and how to create machines. Tell us what help you need.

2. Please share LiMo’s products with your friends if you like them. Help more people can enjoy the joy of DIY CNC. We would be especially grateful if you could recommend us on social media.

3. Become our Global Agent locally.

What is LiMo’s Global Agent?

LiMo’s Global Agent sells LiMo’s products in his country. Meanwhile, they help ship LiMo’s orders to customers if the Agents have inventory. They can also sell products from other items and other brands.

How to become LiMo's Global Agent?

We are now recruiting Global Agents worldwide. Bigger than a $2000 purchase, you can apply to be our Global Agent and enjoy exclusive Agent Discounts.

What are the advantages of becoming LiMo’s Global Agent?

1. Having exclusive Agent Discounts.

2. Free technical support: Product drawings, Technical consultations, etc.

3. Free sales support: Training, Website creation, Marketing activities, etc.

My purchase amount is over $2000, but I don’t want to be LiMo’s Agent. How can I get a better price?

Certainly, you can. Apply to be a distributor of LiMo and enjoy exclusive distributor discounts. We can also print your logo on each product if needed.

I have a very big order and want to talk with the factory owners directly.

Sure thing. Please tell us which products you need. We will offer you the factory contact information. We can also offer you a list of the best factories if needed.

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