How to do a ball screw machining?

How to do a ball screw machining?

Dongbao Hu

12/28/20231 min read

First, Reducing hardness.

Surface hardness of ball screw shaft is around HRC58. It’s too hard to machine directly, so you need to reduce hardness of the sessions you need to machine. You can use High frequency machine with electric current 800A to do so.

Second, Straightening ball screw shaft.

The ball screw shaft is easy to bend during transportation and storage. It isn’t straight enough to machine directly. So you need to adjust the straightness for better machining.

Third, cnc machine ball screw as drawing.

Forth, Removing black color.

With a simple Fiber Wheel, the black color can be removed.

Fifth, Polishing CNC machining session.

Sixth, Installing ball screw nut.

Please visit this link to see how to install ball screw nut.

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